Web Design and Development
IT Essentials offers custom web design and web development services, content management systems and ecommerce websites which can boost sales, advertising and existence in this challenging era. Our extensive experience and expertise in design and development will help you to establish a vibrant Internet presence. This can transform your business and enable you to achieve your targets faster.

Online technology has proven its trustworthiness over the past 10 years, reaching to over 200 Million registered domains and more than 2 billion internet users worldwide. Companies however, are struggling to find the right partner who can guide them in the proper direction in web design and web development, thus achieving extraordinary results at affordable rates.

We established and are using this 5 phase process we used in designing more than 120 website in 5 years.

Phase 1 - Initiation: Before project technical and design work begins, we organize the project to mutually understand the process and requirements, together with you, sketch the Sitemap, Site Structure and Wireframes

Phase 2 - Design: Our design team is uniquely skilled in creating high-end, high quality designs that leverage the capabilities of your website and your unique business needs. In this phase, we will come up with graphical design options based on the approved site map and Wireframes, update them and get your approval to proceed

Phase 3 - Implementation: This is the development stage. In it, we develop the website based on the approved design. It includes as well Configuration, Setup, Coding, Modules and Menus placement, and Scripting, as well as the Back-end configuration and finalization

Phase 4 - Testing and Going Live: In this Stage we do our quality assurance. A website is just like any project. It needs to pass through a tedious testing phase if quality is to be maintained. We perform 4 types of test cases: GUI and Usability Test Scenarios, Responsiveness and Cross-Browser Test Scenarios, Performance Testing Scenarios and Security Testing Scenarios all to make sure that the website is a high standard site with minimum to 0 flaws. Furthermore, we populate content and make sure your team is well trained to take over the back end

Phase 5 - Support & Maintenance: Now that your website is available to the world your needs may change. Our Maintenance plans ensure that your website is frequently updated with better features, usability, and stable technology

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