Online Advertising Platform

Advances in Internet technology have evolved the business world in a number of ways, including taking advertising techniques to a new level. We leverage the power of the Internet to reach your target markets in innovative, personal ways that can achieve an impact comparable to or more effective than traditional advertising media.

Advertising Options depending on your audience and your message

  • Mobile Advertising 
    • Mobile App User Targeting
    • Geo-Fence Targeting
    • Interest Targeting
  • Search Engine Visibility - Optimization and Advertising
  • PPC, PPM and Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS & Whatsap Marketing
  • Linkedin Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Instagram Sponsored Advertising
  • Facebook Georgraphic Advertising
  • Facebook Page Advertising

Private networks advertising is the number one website in UAE to connect room providers with room sharing candidates. The site attracts a wide range of expats mostly Filipinos, Indians and Pakistanis. 

Placing a clear Ad. on will get measurable clicks to the website from an identified crowd. We will provide 2 very effective options:
- a full screen ad on the landing page – seen once per session
- a top fixed banner that is always displayed on all pages – seen always

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