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  1. Turkish online retailer Hepsiburada helps female entrepreneurs

    Hepsiburada, the biggest ecommerce company in Turkey, has introduced a new program, which will help 1,000 women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through ecommerce. The Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women Program offers free online stores, but also gives assistance with sales, operations, marketing and logistics. The scheme gives female entrepreneurs Continue reading
  2. GLS expands FlexDeliveryService in Europe

    Parcel service provider GLS has further expanded its international FlexDeliveryService. By adding new countries, FlexDeliveryService is now available in twelve connected countries in Central and Eastern Europe. With the service, online shippers will be informed of scheduled deliveries and can decide when and where they want to take delivery of Continue reading
  3. ‘Amazon will launch checkout-free supermarkets in the UK’

    There are strong rumors that Amazon will launch Amazon Go, its checkout-free grocery stores, in the United Kingdom. And there are many reasons to believe these rumors, after the UK Intellectual Property Office has approved the company’s application to trademark the slogan ‘No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)’. This trademark Continue reading
  4. Swiss startup TeleRetail enters delivery robot market

    The Swiss company TeleRetail has developed a delivery robot that is designed to cover long distances up to about 80 kilometers. The robot, which is still a prototype, could be used for suburban and rural deliveries. On its website, TeleRetail explains how it uses artificial intelligence to automate local logistics Continue reading
  5. Otto Group’s ecommerce revenue increases to €7 billion

    The Otto Group saw its revenue increase by 3.4 percent during the 2016/2017 financial year. The turnover is now worth 12.5 billion euros, while the German retailer saw its EBITDA increase to 730 million euros, the highest level for many years. The Otto Group shared these number in its latest Continue reading