Ecommerce Division

Why Us in E-Commerce?

We have put together our vast website development experience with our supply chain experience to deliver the best Ecommerce solution to our customers. We have successfully integrated estores with Point of Sale and ERP systems to facilitate a live data exchange experience between the online branch and the back office, warehouse, and financial system.

Our customers in UAE range between Flower Shops, Grocery Stores, Organic Foods, Art Material, Online Booking with Instant Payment and Gift Cards Eshops.

E-Shop Cube 1.0

Meet our E-Shop Cube 1.0. Get your e-store up and running with the following features:

  • Macro
    • Multilingual Support
    • Responsive High End Design
    • Full Cart Functionality
    • 2-way Integration with Back-Office (ERP, CRM, Point of Sale, Warehouse and Inventory Management)
    • Integration with SMS gateway to effectively communicate with customers
    • AED Payment Gateway
  • Micro
    • Delivery Schedule with time slots
    • Reports with Export
    • Shipping/Packing Slip
    • Invoices
    • Cancellations within a specific time after the order is placed
    • Returns
    • Shipping Charges per Zone
    • Shipping Charges per Order Total
    • Store Wide Discounts per User Groups (Example Employees)
    • Coupons
    • Gift Vouchers
    • Product Customization
    • Product Options (Colors, Sizes, Add-Ons)
  • and lots of other features for up-selling and a better user experience

We established - and are using - this 9 phase process that insures a successful project implementation:

Phase 1 - Project Initiation: Before project technical and design work begins, we organize the project to mutually understand the process and requirements.

Phase 2 - Design: Our design team is uniquely skilled in creating high-end, high quality designs that leverage the capabilities of the subject eshop and your unique business needs.

Phase 3 - Customizations: Plan for customizations, features and add-ons such as ERP Integration, SMS Integration, Warehouse and Inventory System Integration, Payment Gateways (Local Currency) Integration, Shipping Methods, Up-selling Modules (related products, customers also viewed, etc ... )

Phase 4 - Store Setup: We will set up and configure your store to run effectively and securely on the Internet as required in the earlier phases.

Phase 5 - Training: IT Essentials training personnel will provide you with hands-on training to fully administer your eshop, add products, manage orders and so on.

Phase 6 - Product roll out: Depending on your needs, in this stage we will migrate product data, create product category structure or import your list of products.

Phase 7 - Testing: In this Stage we will make any final adjustments. Prior to deploying your site live on the Internet we need to verify that the Eshop is properly working on all platforms including phones and tablets, is displaying properly on different browsers and your team is well trained to take over the back end

Phase 8 - Going Live: Your new Eshop is ready to sell and produce revenues and profits. You are now ready to notify the world that you are ready for business!

Phase 9 - Support & Maintenance: Now that your site is available to the world your needs may change. Our Maintenance plans ensure that your software is frequently updated with better features, usability, and stable technology.

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E-Commerce will be a megatrend for businesses in the UAE, and it is expected to be valued at $10 billion (Dh36.7 billion) by 2018, according to Sarwant Singh, Senior partner and head of visionary innovation group at Frost& Sullivan...E-Commerce will be growing as a main mega-trend for businesses across the UAE.