A homepage is the landing page for every website. It is where visitors get their first impression about your website, and your company. Statistics show that visitors' attention is captured or lost within 3 to 10 seconds, on your homepage.

Viewers do not want to waste their time thinking on what could be the site is all about. Instantly, they want to get the information as soon as the page loads. If you get them, they will surf your site. If not, they will look for a competitor.

Here are 4 points to ask your designer to include in your homepage (wherever they apply), and which at IT Essentials we take care of:

1- Appropriate and attractive color scheme

Colors capture viewers’ attention, especially if they are used in an appropriate manner. If the website is for a company, then you should choose colors that can give a professional look, such as white and navy-blue.

2- Headers and Image Sliders

Headers are nowadays becoming popular in homepages, as they tend to deliver a message quickly and effectively. Have your header sum up your company. If you have multiple messages you are promoting, an attractive image slider is always an option.  

3- An Easy-to-Understand Site Map

To capture lots of viewers, you need to have a well-designed site map for navigation. Viewers want everything to be spoon fed on your website, so when they see your navigation they should already understand how it works and directly engage in your website's experience. Otherwise, they're out!

4- Modules/Components that are most important to you (The website owner)

One of our customers, for instance, wants his website to promote his contact information, based on the fact that their offices have changed and so did their phone numbers. A good approach was to highlight their phone number on their homepage, in an eye-capturing position so that a viewer would not miss it.

Another customer wanted to promote 8 new services they launched. Those services were placed in an image slider right in the middle of the page, with automatic rotation of 2 seconds span. Viewers would directly see a rotating gallery and would want to wait to see what comes next.

As a conclusion, it is not easy to design a homepage, in case you are looking for a business-oriented website and a return on your investment. Therefore, always ask your designer to start by sketching wireframes along with you (the website owner), on which they then base their design prototypes.

There might be a lot of other important components of a homepage, however, from our experience, those 4 are extremely important, and should be included in every website.

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Wissam Abdel Baki | Managing Director | I.T Essentials FZE