2016 Breakout searches, and categories trending searches. Enjoy!

We all know that this aspect of email marketing is very important because as we all know almost everyone immediately deletes emails they perceive as spam without even checking on the validity of the mail. Because of this I think it only appropriate that I follow up the post on email marketing with one that gives a few tips (mostly common sense) on how to present your email so as to avoid looking like spam.

Where is your website on Google search? This is the first question that pops in your mind after launching your website.

5 major threats children face while using the internet, and how to prevent them.

Website pricing differs from one agency to another and from one implementation method to another.
Prices range from free “Do-it-Yourself” tools to as low as $1,000 if done by a freelancer or $100,000 for a fancy site built by a professional web development firm.

So where is the difference really coming from?

In August 2012, Facebook has reported that 83 million accounts are fake or false that they intend to disable.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. E-mails claiming that you’ve won big money if you only answer a few personal questions are usually bogus. They’re typically a tool for swindlers to trick you into turning over personal information that they can use to steal your identity or for other fraudulent purposes.

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a methodology of strategies and techniques used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine. Examples are Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Here are 10 internet facts I found interesting, some of which you might be familiar with, others might be new. Data has been collected from the internet (ironically) and from experience (sometimes). Enjoy!

A good CMS for your site doesn't have to be terribly expensive, but the cost of not using one is likely to be even higher. What are the benefits of having one built or installed for your site?

Advertising and Marketing are vital components for your products and services to reach your targeted audience. Traditional strategies have always been associated with an immense budget and market research requirements. However, as the world is becoming smarter and faster, and Internet has been able to break in

When we first started implementing ERP solutions back in 2004, we were so excited about it, thinking that customers will welcome us, the consultants, on red carpet. To me, the ERP we were implementing included new functionality, new modules, enhanced look and feel and plenty other options...

A homepage is the landing page for every website. It is where visitors get their first impression about your website, and your company. Statistics show that visitors' attention is captured or lost within 3 to 10 seconds, on your homepage.